Additional dams for Phase II

The formation of two new water collection dams along the lower edge of Phase II is taking shape well under  Landscaper, Anton Louw’s careful eye.

The retention dam above the entrance road naturally flows down a weir and then under the entrance road and into Phase II.    To further control the water collection from the Estate two further collection dams are being created with natural flows through the contours of the land.    Dam No 1 has been excavated and is naturally clay-based. With  recent rains this new dam has filled well and the embankment is being shaped.    Dam No 2 will follow as soon as the stonework channels have been completed which will control the natural flow from one dam to the other, taking the water down and out of the Estate.

The benefit of this creative landscaping is that water flow is correctly routed and after the  surrounding banks have been replanted, they will attract the abundant bird life that is familiar with this area and provide a pleasing natural viewpoint for the stands on the upper contours of this phase.